Why Choose Us?

10 years experience, fully insured, and we comply with all MOL safety regulations

Our employees are well trained, polite, and paid well

Local and family owned business

Cleaning products are safe to use around plants, pets, and children

Services We Offer

Window Cleaning

Our window cleaning service is the most detailed and thorough work we do. We clean all panes of glass by hand with soap-water and squeegees. Paint, stucco, concrete and any other debris that are stuck on window will be scraped off. Ultrafine steel wool is used if needed to get any tiny imperfections off the glass without causing any damage in the process. We always clean the frames, as well as any detachable screens. For interior window cleaning, we likewise remove any screens accessible from the inside, clean them, and reinstall them. Multiple inspections are done to ensure the quality of the work being done is perfect. Our window cleaning service will ensure your windows are as clean as they possibly can be.

Eaves Cleaning

Just like our window cleaning service, we are extremely thorough with our eaves cleaning service. Our goal is to ensure any rain water that goes into your eavestroughs flows properly. We remove all debris inside your eavestrough by hand. We check to see if any downspouts are clogged, and unclog them if needed using a variety of tools and methods. We will also inform you of any issues that we notice that would affect the flow of rainwater.

Screen Repair

If you have any screens that have the netting cut or damaged, we are able to replace that as well. If you have pets that have damaged the screens, ask us to replace it with a tougher “pet screen” to ensure it isn’t damaged or cut again.

Eaves Repair

If your eaves are leaking at the seams, are falling off, or have nails sticking out, we are able to fix that. By completely cleaning off the old caulking at the seams of the eaves and replacing it with waterproof caulking, we will ensure the seam will not drip or leak again for 5-10 years.

Siding Cleaning

Our siding cleaning will ensure that your aluminum or vinyl siding on your property will be as clean as possible. We use environmentally friendly soap that is safe to use around your garden and any pets or children you have. A soft brush is used to ensure no damage will be done to your siding. We will rinse, scrub, and repeat multiple times until the siding is as clean as can be.

Odd Jobs

If you need anything else done that requires a ladder or not, let us know as we can probably do that as well. Replacing light bulbs, taking down Christmas lights, removing birds nests, hammering something in at the roof etc. We have done it all.

About Us

Ibex Window & Eaves Cleaning is a family-run business that has served the Toronto area since 2010. We started from scratch and have been working our way up ever since then. We focus on superior customer service, quality of work, excellent communication, and safety. Furthermore, we foster an enjoyable and caring work environment for our employees. As a result, Ibex is becoming the premier window cleaning company in Toronto. We have $2 million in liability insurance coverage, our employees are covered under WSIB, and are certified with Working at Heights.

We hope to be your default choice for window and eaves cleaning. The vast majority of our customers have used us for many years on a consistent basis, and we hope that you do as well. Our work is guaranteed and you don’t have to pay until you are satisfied. We believe in taking the time to do the work carefully and at the highest standard.


“Martin did an excellent job on my windows. For old fashioned windows, he made them sparkling clean. He came on time as arranged, very professional and completed the job to my utmost satisfaction. Very reasonable price. I will definitely use your company again to have my windows cleaned. Thanks.”
“We just moved into a new house and I booked this company to clean our gutters and our windows (inside/outside). Martin was easy to communicate with and to book. we had some last minute scheduling changes and Martin was able to accommodate us. I was pleased with the quality of his work and his high energy. I would definitely hire again and recommend.”
“Martin did a fantastic job with our windows. He was punctual, courteous and had great attention to detail. We would definitely use his window cleaning service again and would recommend to friends. Thank you Martin!”

Quotes and Contact Information

Contact Martin Piecko by calling or texting 647-528-0413 or by emailing martin@ibexwindowcleaning.ca. Quotes are typically available instantly over the phone.